[ N | E | M | S ]
Novel Engineered Materials & Solutions


In a changing & demanding market environment, the focus is more and more on strategic materials, its independent and alternative sourcing, its use under different technical conditions and the associated warranty.

The core business of [ N | E | M | S ] is to provide solutions, create strategies and generate cross-project optimization in the international procurement markets. With the already existing team and the current expansion of human resources, [ N | E | M | S ] offers detailed knowledge, in-depth experience, professional and specialized handling.

[ N | E | M | S ] has developed significantly over the last 3 years and consistently goes beyond the standards and with  more than 30 years operating know-how our synergies help us to meet your challenges and provide a variety of added-values & technologies.

The range of [ N | E | M  | S ]  includes the strategic and operational activities that are necessary for the supply of our customers with material and further services on the procurement markets. Together with our clients, we develop concepts in the area of ​​lead buyers, in which we as the external organizational unit of your company assume responsibility for the procurement of defined product groups and create concepts for the design of partnership relations.